Low-cost business setup

1. Can you give a small Introduction to business setup?

Business Setup Consultants was created in order to provide a genuine ‘customer-focused’ experience for our clients.  We have an expansive range of services all of which are offered efficiently and economically.  Our staff have many years of experience within the UAE and specifically within the business services sector.

With Business Set Up Consultants you can be rest assured that your experience will be hassle-free and handled with the utmost professionalism.  Our client services are of the highest standards and each of our clients feels like they are our ONLY client.

With just one call all of your business problems can be solved.  Choose Business Setup Consultants, YOUR premier business setup provider.

At Business Setup Consultants we don’t want our clients just to be satisfied, we want them to be delighted!  We will happily go the extra mile to ensure that each client receives the highest level of service and the most straightforward, hassle-free experience.  If our clients aren’t happy then we aren’t happy.

However, there are other reasons why Business Setup Consultants should be your choice of service provider:

  • Flexibility of options – we don’t believe that “one size fits all”.  Each of our clients has different requirements and different needs which is why we have a range of packages to suit various budgets and criteria.
  • Reliability – we will never over-promise and under-deliver.  We will give you comprehensive timelines which clearly demarcate the different stages of the process involved to set up your company.
  • Efficiency – Everything we do for you will be done in the fastest, most efficient way possible, without cutting the corners.
  • We care – our staff provides a personal touch.  We care about you and your needs.  We strive to always exceed expectations and our aim is not only to meet targets but to deliver beyond them.
  • Cultural sensitivity – our staff originate from many different countries of the world and speak English, Portuguese, Arabic, Urdu, Hindi, French, Spanish & Tagalog.
2. How can one set up a low-cost business?  

Currently, UAE is offering a wide range of options that helps entrepreneurs to kick start their business ideas. Like the e-trader a business license without visas and no office requirements for the first year at a cost of around 1100 Dhs. If you need a visa the cost will change drastically as you will be required to have an office (physical or virtual). In both cases, this will add up to your cost. In short when choosing a minimal cost idea and securing a basic Licence to start the business in UAE and gradually upgrading and expanding the business. 

3. What is the cheapest business license in Dubai? How much does a small business license cost in Dubai?

When we discuss the cost and cheapest available license it all depends on your need and your activity. If you need a business license where you will have your residence visa and sponsor your family then you will require an office (virtual or Physical). In that scenario, the cheapest license will be around 12,000 Dhs. For businesses that won’t require a residence visa the pricing structure differs drastically and the cost will be around 1,100 dhs for a mainland e-trader and around 5,400 for a free zone license-only business. 

4. Can we compare the cost of business setup across all emirates? 

All emirates have different pricing based on their Free Zones or mainland authorities type of Licenses that they provide. Hence, the best way is to first decide the type of business you wish to open so it can be easier to compare how much it costs in the different jurisdictions across the UAE.

5. How much does Dubai mainland company formation cost?

The Dubai Mainland License on basic license activity can start from AED 9,000.

6. What are the other costs one should be aware of?

When setting up a business, we need to cater to all costs involved besides the actual license cost. The cost is not just the License fee, there are additional fees that the Freezone or Mainland will apply based again on the Business activity category such as registration fees, pre-approvals, name approvals, office address, or Smart Desk, physical office. The cost of the consultant that is setting up the company for you. Moreover, some documents may need to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs which will add to the overall cost.

This information has been provided by Business Setup Consultants.

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