Freelance Visa Dubai

1. What is a freelance visa? What is the meaning of a freelance visa?

A freelance permit in the UAE is a legal document that allows individuals to work independently as legitimately licensed professionals in fields based on their qualifications or specializations. Depending on the jurisdiction under which this document is obtained, individuals may be able to apply for an independent UAE residence visa under their own name, specifying their profession under the license. Contrary to popular belief and commonly seen offerings, there is no legitimate separate provision in the UAE known as a ‘freelance visa’. As an independent worker not hired by an employer or owning a company in UAE, one will only be able to obtain a valid UAE visa alongside a legal work permit that certifies them as a licensed freelancer.

2. How to get a freelance visa in Dubai?

Government entities are the only legitimate issuers of freelance permits and visas all across the UAE. Any company or service provider that claims to issue such documents without mentioning the source of issuance as a government entity is promoting an illegitimate product, mostly disguising employment contracts and visas as freelance packages (which according to UAE law is strictly prohibited). 

In Dubai prior to getting a freelance visa, you will first need to obtain the official license, also known as the freelancer permit. To file an application, you will need to provide documentation including your passport, a few examples of your work (where applicable depending on activity/specialization), along with the completed application form. You can apply to set up in the mainland via the Department of Economic Development (DED) or in a Dubai Free Zone.

3. How can I become a freelancer in the UAE?

In addition to being able to register an independent license (freelance permit) at certain mainland entities across the UAE, one of the most popular and cost-effective means by which many individuals become licensed as freelancers is through a Free Zone. Besides fast and affordable incorporation, free zone licenses benefit from the ability to repatriate capital and profits and zero currency restrictions. This approach is usually the most cost-effective when setting up as a freelancer in the UAE.

Freelance Worldwide is one such exclusive offering, whereby individuals can obtain their 100% legal, government issued freelance permit and visa from AED 9,995. As with this specific offering, becoming a freelancer in the UAE is a straightforward and efficient process, as long as the relevant regulations and procedures are carefully observed. In most cases, applicants will need to provide their latest resumes, relevant attested degrees or qualifications, passport copies, and their proposed professions. 

4. What qualifies as a freelancer?

A freelancer is an individual that is professionally skilled in a specific field. There are a range of specializations that one can choose to freelance in, and the emphasis, unlike with companies, is the individual’s ability and personal name. In the UAE a freelancer is officially recognized when he or she has the relevant, government-issued license authorizing them to carry out the chosen activity. Freelancing without the required documentation and permits is not permitted in the UAE and is considered illegal. 

5. How much is a freelance visa in Dubai?

The prices for freelance permits and visas vary based on the emirate and government entity under which the application is submitted. It is important to note that one cannot obtain a ‘freelance visa’ without a freelance permit. Furthermore, certain ‘freelance’ packages promoted are, in fact, company formation packages and do not give the professional independence or legal title of a freelancer.

6. Do you need a visa to freelance? Is freelance legal in the UAE?

Freelancing in the UAE is 100% legal and a popular professional choice as long as the right regulations and laws are followed. It is absolutely mandatory to possess a legal permit, issued by a government entity authorizing you to freelance in the UAE. Without this, carrying out any work, contract, or project as an individual freelancing in the UAE is illegal.

This information has been provided by Worldwide Formations.

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