1. What are the permitted activities in DMCC?

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre or DMCC is a trusted name in the global commodities trade that offers market, financial, and physical infrastructure for hub creation. It offers a license to different businesses. Thus many companies register with DMCC who offers licenses according to the permitted activities. These licenses allow activities within the free zone. According to the DMCC guidelines, any company can register to conduct different activities to obtain and hold different licenses.

All these licenses come with different costs that range from 32,000 AED to 82,000 AED. These licenses are provided at the time of registering in the DMCC free zones based on different activities. In short, the permitted activities in DMCC are according to the multiple licenses issued to the various businesses.

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Low-cost business setup

1. Can you give a small Introduction to business setup?

Business Setup Consultants was created in order to provide a genuine ‘customer-focused’ experience for our clients.  We have an expansive range of services all of which are offered efficiently and economically.  Our staff have many years of experience within the UAE and specifically within the business services sector.

With Business Set Up Consultants you can be rest assured that your experience will be hassle-free and handled with the utmost professionalism.  Our client services are of the highest standards and each of our clients feels like they are our ONLY client.

With just one call all of your business problems can be solved.  Choose Business Setup Consultants, YOUR premier business setup provider.

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Freelance Visa Dubai

1. What is a freelance visa? What is the meaning of a freelance visa?

A freelance permit in the UAE is a legal document that allows individuals to work independently as legitimately licensed professionals in fields based on their qualifications or specializations. Depending on the jurisdiction under which this document is obtained, individuals may be able to apply for an independent UAE residence visa under their own name, specifying their profession under the license. Contrary to popular belief and commonly seen offerings, there is no legitimate separate provision in the UAE known as a ‘freelance visa’. As an independent worker not hired by an employer or owning a company in UAE, one will only be able to obtain a valid UAE visa alongside a legal work permit that certifies them as a licensed freelancer.

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