Top 5 Rental Business Ideas in UAE 2019

UAE is the marketplace for many international traders and no wonder the UAE has a lot of opportunity for better earning. To utilize opportunity, we need to understand local market demand and proper planning on investment of your business. So, create a business plan that leads you to earn more recurring income even you work or not. According to the UAE’s Population statistic, 80% of the population in UAE is an immigrant which is the largest expats occupied a country in the world.

Based on rapid changes in economic growth, individual and corporate demands make use of rental business in the UAE market. Here, we listed the top 5 rental business ideas in UAE 2019.

Car Rental

In 2018 around 18.1 million people visited Dubai and it is expected to be more than 20 million in 2020. Due to an increase in visitors every year and facilities from all the emirates in the country like smooth roads, cheap fuel price, and road safety takes advantage of using own vehicle transport. In the UAE, car hire business is considered to be one of the high potential and competitive in the market. With the valid driving license, anyone can rent a car on an hourly, daily and monthly basis. The best car rental companies in Dubai provides the world most expensive cars for rent at an affordable price which makes car lovers and tourist happy who can’t afford to buy it.

Cranes Rental

There is no doubt UAE is a prominent place for the numberless construction project and annually the construction projects keep increasing. So, it clearly shows the scope of constructions and its related field. It is not possible to build a skyscraper, commercial buildings, and industrial buildings without the help of cranes. Therefore, make use of this demand with cranes hire business is a great option. Also, it is essential to consider initial investment before starting the crane rental business because the capital of this business at least needs more than a million. It is one of the main reason competitions in the crane rental business is less.

There is the mobile crane, tower crane, overhead crane, loader crane, truck mounted crane and many other cranes are in the usage of construction projects. Based on requirement, objective and its surrounding, clients will select cranes which suites best for their project. Some of the gigantic projects require 1,200 metric tons capacity of weight lifting cranes. However, it is mandatory to study the crane specification and its lifting capacity before getting it from crane manufacturing companies for your crane hire business.

Generator Rental

In Khaleej times states UAE is ranked No.4 for ease of getting electricity in the world in 2016. Now, this nation focuses on electricity generation system through a renewable source of energy. Even almost full filled with electricity generation and supplies still there is a demand for standby electricity. To keep your business running from planned shutdowns, hosting an event and handle any emergency situations the renal generator business takes an important role. It is difficult for small or mid-scale companies to own and maintain the generator instead of renting it on temporary electricity shortage. There are many generator hire companies provides various generator range from 25kva – 2000kva on short term or long term basis. Before purchasing the product for rental generator business, check out the different models from generator supplier companies.

Furniture rental

Furniture rental is uncommon to many people but it is one of the successful and ultimate businesses in UAE. In the global market, Middle-east and Africa alone contribute 18% of furniture rental market. In the UAE, furniture rental is getting demand mainly because of events and parties. Nowadays, people consider renting furniture is beneficial instead of purchasing it. Based on occasions and guest expected to be present at the event the demand for furniture supply will increase. It is certain to focus on furniture category; there are domestic furniture, office furniture, and hotel furniture.

If you consider purchasing office furniture find the comprehensive list of office furniture trading companies. For instance, office furniture like conference table, executive chairs, Bookcase, shelf, and desk etc, will helpful for corporate events. Lounge sofa, Ottomans, party chairs, dining table, and bonfire pit etc, are used for marriage occasions.  Choosing and implementing a proper marketing strategy will turn your rental business successful.

Tents Rental

Tents are the best option for a temporary and cost-effective solution to protect us from the sun or rain for your outdoor events. In the UAE, a rental tent is playing a major role at cultural events mainly during the month of Ramadan.  For temporary labor accommodation or camping on desert renting a tent is an optimal solution. Even there are many kinds of tents are available for the different purpose. Renting tents with a custom design on a special occasion will turn your business profitable.

Similarly, check out the reputed UAE based online business directory to find a comprehensive list of businesses available in the country.