5 Best Carpentry and Joinery Companies in Dubai

Wood and furniture work are the key requirements whenever construction is required. Carpentry business has always been in great demand whether it is about furnishing a new home, or it is about improvising the already built house. There are many best profitable businesses in UAE that offer state of the art solutions in carpentry. Carpentry services include offering custom solutions such as cabinets, furniture repairs, woodwork services, polishing and others. There are many top carpentry and joinery businesses in the United Arab Emirates. DCCIINFO is the online directory that lists some of the best carpentry solution providers in the region. There are many profitable businesses in UAE that offer affordable solutions providing their quality services to the esteemed clients.

1- AL Zahi Décor’s Philosophy

AL Décor’s Philosophy is a leading company offering one stop solution for all kinds of carpentry and wood related works. The company offers several key services such as interior designing, exhibition contracting and fitting out to handle projects of all sizes for clients based locally and internationally. They offer premium solutions in manufacturing and supplying high quality services using metal, acrylic and metal materials. They are specialised in offering bespoke furniture, fixtures, all kinds of flooring, and can also assist in seeking authority or government permissions. Their website address is http://www.alzahidecor.com/

2- Amzan Neon

Founded in 2004, Amzan Neon is one of the top companies offering interior decoration services trusted by companies with local and international reputation providing carpentry and joinery work of extremely high-quality standards. They have an established factory with well equipped in-house facilities offering highly specialized professional services starting from designing the carpentry framework to the installation of furniture. Their team of designers, consultants, engineers and architects work together to deliver quality wooden works. Their innovative solutions offered through diversified expertise make it possible to successfully execute the carpentry projects. The company details can be further found at http://www.alzahidecor.com/

3- Bin Ayaf General Trading LLC

One of the prestigious carpentry solution providers based in the UAE, Bin Ayaf General Trading LLC is the company that offers interior works of all kinds. The company was founded in 2000 and offers services such as carpentry and joinery, wall covering, aluminium works, plumbing, partitions, false ceiling and others. They have a clientele across varied industries such as offices, banks, restaurants, hotels and others. The company is a one stop shop for all kinds of construction and furnishing works. To check further details, their website is http://www.bagtuae.com/

4- Bin Saeed Interiors LLC

Bin Saeed Interiors LLC, a leading organization offering the best interior designing and decorating services of the modern world. They offer perfect solution in carpentry work and interior design with great attention to detail and high-quality services that are cost effective and suits the requirement of their clients. Some of the services offered by the company include conceptualisation and personalization of interior design, custom fit out solutions and interior design consultancy. The implementation of interior design projects including the decoration work are successfully completed through the support of qualified designers. Further details of the company can be found at http://www.binsaeedinteriors.com/

5- Eve Designs & Interiors LLC

One of the reputed companies dealing with carpentry and joinery works is Eve Designs & Interiors LLC. It assists the clients in some of the prestigious retail projects such as furniture, banking, hospitality, automotive and others for interior designing work of their showrooms. Their carpentry and interior design works assist the retail stores in creating perfect ambiance. To construct highly functional and comfortable office workspace, the company ensures providing ergonomic design solutions of highest standards. Website for finding details about the company services is http://www.binsaeedinteriors.com/