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The web design is very fashionable activity recently and the web designers are those who deal with the creation of websites, from the moment of designing the structure and graphic interface to the moment of the introduction of actual data and the site content - images, text, files and other items. A web designer decides what colors and what fonts are used, but also the appearance of each site pages. The loading speed of a site, the possible errors or the situations where they may occur, the network architecture, the software and hardware used - all these things can affect the performance of a site and are also an important concert for the web designers.

The first web designer was even WWW inventor, Tim Berners-Lee, who published the first site in 1991. At the beginning of time, the sites were not nearly as complex as they are today, when it comes to the graphics. The only computer language used was HTML which allowed only a limited number of formatting and inserting links in order to "connect" with each page. It can be said that web design was actually more "programming" web than web design.

Due to the fact that the nowadays web sites are important parts of the commercial and advertising strategies, the graphics of the sites have become some powerful tools and the technologies used have diversified and have become increasingly complex. Companies that produce sites work with some specialized staff for each stage of the development of a site: from those who deal with the graphic design of the programming stage to those who handle the editing content for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Lately, the studies have shown that a more elegant method of making a website is using a CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal. With a CMS, people can more easily manage the site; they can edit it, add or delete pages, text or images. The web designers should take into consideration the fact that the new owners of the website should have the possibility to easily make necessary transactions without the need of a specialist.

In some of the most developed cities in the world, such as Dubai for example, all companies that offer products or services have a good looking site. These companies always appeal to Dubai web designers to create an attractive website, because they know that the website is a good way of attracting the customers.