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How is graphic design different from web design?

Even though both Graphic design and Web design lure consumers towards the products they are used for, the difference between them boils down to what they aim for – Graphic design focuses more on visuals, whereas Web design works more on usability. Having said that, their domain of work is not always the same. Graphic Design is needed in both print and digital media. On the other hand, Web design is used in digital media, websites to be specific. Even though Web design finds some of its roots in Graphic design like typography, colour schemes and layouts, but from a more detailed perspective, they are two independent disciplines in the field of design.

Is a web designer a graphic designer?

While a web designer works with quite a few aspects of graphic design in websites like colour schemes, typography and layout, there’s more to Web design than fancy graphics. Where the graphic designer looks at the audience as a ‘viewer’, the web designer looks at the audience as a ‘user’. So, it’s obvious that web design is equally concerned about the usability of a website as it is about the visual impression. A web designer not only incorporates easy-to-read fonts and colour combinations soothing to the eye but also ensures clarity and learnability of the website components so that they don’t need to be instructed on how the components work. So, even though graphic designers work on all sorts of media, when it comes to websites, a web designer is a graphic designer and much more!

Are there different types of web design?

E-commerce, landing pages, portfolios etc

difference between web design and development?

Web design is a design process that works on aesthetics, user experience and search engine optimization of websites. Whereas, web development is a discipline of creating and maintaining websites using programming and scripting languages. Where web design demands creativity, web development demands logic. In the process of building websites, web development ‘develops’ the website based on how web design ‘designs’ the website.

In other words, if websites were buildings, web design would lay out the blueprint and handle the paint job, interior decorations, and all other embellishments. On the other hand, web development is in charge of engineering and construction

Is Photoshop necessary for web designing?

In simple words, No! Mastering a design tool is a must for web designing, but it shouldn’t necessarily be Photoshop. Some might argue it should be completely avoided when it comes to web designing because of some clear demerits -

  • The domain of creativity in Photoshop is huge, but that of execution on the web is constrained. So, it's easy to let go of the limitations of the web and create designs that might be tough, or even impossible to construct using HTML. This might hamper your design workflow.
  • Photoshop works with pixels, but the web prefers scalable design with vector graphics.
  • Photoshop doesn’t help much with interactions like button clicks or mouse hovers while building mock-ups.
  • Photoshop makes it tedious to create responsive designs, which is a must for websites.

Having said these, there are more popular and efficient alternatives to Photoshop, like Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD and InDesign, etc.

Do web designers code or write websites?

Even though web designers usually familiarize themselves with coding related to web development, their work mainly focuses on the design aspect of building websites. A web designer creates aesthetic designs that appeal to the audience with the help of attractive colour combinations, typography and layout. They also take care of the user experience by focussing on accessibility, clarity and learnability of the website. This makes sure that the user goes through a smooth, hassle-free experience despite minimum or no guidance at all and that the website leaves a lasting impression on the user. Usually, the coding part of building websites is passed on to a web developer who creates the website based on the prototypes made by a web designer.