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PROFILE OF Water Well Drilling Contracting

Water well drilling is the process of excavating in the ground by drilling, in order to access groundwater, and is used for a variety of purposes. The process is required for different applications, such as water supply, agricultural irrigation, site drainage, groundwater measuring, soil sampling and health, safety and environmental applications. There are numerous drilling techniques available and the specialists in this sector are able to determine the right option for each specific project, depending on the geological conditions and the location of the site. Some of the water well drilling methods that can be used include conventional drilling, also known as direct circulation drilling, as well as numerous alternative options like reverse circulation, foam, airlift, mud, percussion, hammer, core, pilot or seismic drilling. The multi-purpose rigs that are most commonly used, allow the fast change of drilling methods during one task, if it is required.

Water well drilling contracting companies in Dubai provide a wide range of services, such as site investigation, planning, well design and construction, water well drilling for all types of wells, including private, residential, commercial and irrigational ones, borehole testing and logging, submersible pumps installation and servicing, booster and pressure grouting systems installation, geothermal water well drilling and heat pump installation, water assessment study, groundwater exploration and management, as well as local examination for optimizing existing water works, pumping stations, distribution networks, water treatment plants and all types of installations, well inspection, maintaining, cleaning and de-scaling existing wells, restoration for existing wells, including repair of damaged parts or well casing, groundwater chemical and physical laboratory testing, customized maintenance plans for a more cost efficient well operation, sterilization of the wells, well cementing and isolation, pump testing wells and fixing and monitoring well casing installation, among others.

The experienced teams working at any of these water well drilling contracting companies in Dubai are able to meet and surpass your needs and expectations, by analyzing the situation, understanding your requirements and finding the most suitable solutions for you, at the best price. They are committed to provide high quality services and adopt only efficient methods and procedures during the execution of the project, so that you can be sure that the job is done on time and in the most precise way. All water well drilling contracting companies in Dubai use the most suitable techniques and the best equipment available on the market in order to ensure environmentally friendly operations, in compliance with the UAE laws.