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What are some water transportation problems?

Water transport, as the word dictates, is travelling by means of waterways. One can opt for water transport while in Dubai. There are a varied range of water transportation that you can choose from, including boats, ships, yachts etc.

However, water transportation can have several drawbacks. Listing some of them are as follows:

  • Time consuming: Water transport can be very time consuming due to its slow speed.
  • Risky transport: Due to the risks of sinking, water transport can be a relatively risky mode of transport.
  • Water transport can be unsuitable for short journeys

What are the advantages of water transportation?

There are a lot of advantages attached to water transportation. Some of them are as follows:

  • Less maintenance cost: The maintenance cost of waterway transport is much lower than any other form of transport.
  • Cheap travel: Even the travelling cost for waterway transport is far cheaper than airways.
  • Large cargo carrying capacity: The best part about traveling through waterways is the fact that it contains ample cargo carrying space. Even the luggage permit for waterway transport is much higher than any other form of transport, making it a great choice for travellers.

Why is water transportation important?

Although water transport is relatively a much slower form of transportation, it is one of the most important of all the three modes of transportation. Water transport allows cheap and easy transport of a huge amount of cargo. Moreover, through waterways, a large amount of material can be carried over long distances. No other means of transport will allow you to carry such a huge quantity of materials at such a cheap price. This is what makes water transport an important part of the lives of many merchants who have to regularly import or export large quantities of materials from different parts of the world.

Why do we use ships to travel long distances through water?

We are prone to use ships for long distance water travel because not only are they much safer but also they have ample space. Ships have high decks and a large shaft that floats above the water, keeping everyone aboard safe, even during a rough storm. It is made out of extremely strong and durable materials that can withstand rough waves. Moreover, ships are much larger as compared to boats, streamers, and yachts. They provide comfort and luxury during long distance travels. This is why ships are used for long distance water travels.