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What is a UAE visa number?

The visas that are granted to anyone visiting the UAE for touristic or work purposes have one thing in common. All the visas have a six digit unique number printed on them. These numbers help to identify the person who is entering the UAE and keeps a record of their movement in and out of the country. Usually the UAE visa number will be stamped onto your passport page and the record of the number is maintained as soon as you set foot in the country. The maintenance of immigration records is very strict in the IAE and the visa number helps to smooth out the process.

What type of UAE visa is the hardest to get?

UAE offers 9 different types of visa/permits to people who visit UAE. They are:

  • Business visa
  • Remote work visas
  • Tourist visa
  • Patient and his/her companion entry permits
  • eVisa for GCC residents
  • Retirement visa for UAE residents
  • Transit visa
  • Student visa
  • Resident visa

Out of these 9 types of visa, a special category of Resident Visa is the toughest to get, and it is called Golden Visa. It is offered to high-net-individuals for prolonged residence in UAE.

How can I identify a fake UAE visa?

Everyday, tons of visitors are entering the Middle East for work or tourism purposes. All of these people either have a work visa or a tourist visa along with them. However, it's important that we can identify fake visas from genuine ones. There are a few ways in which you can do so.

  • Visit the official UAE website.
  • Go to the General Inquiry section.
  • Provide all the necessary details mentioned.
  • If the website displays all the details in the visa along with it's expiry date, the visa is genuine. If not, the visa is fake.

Which airlines offer a Dubai visa?

If you're looking to visit Dubai and you're looking to get your visa done, you'd be amazed to know that if you choose the right airlines, they will provide hundred percent assistance in preparing your Dubai visa.

Which airline should you choose to avail this offer?


The staff and the team of Emirates provide complete assistance and information regarding UAE visas, including the documents and the process of application. They help you streamline the procedure so that you are left with no room for mistakes when you're applying for a UAE visa.

Who's the best immigration visa service provider?

If you are looking for the best immigration visa service provider, plenty of firms as well as websites will pop up! However, in order to choose the best for yourself, you need to make a list of your requirements (for instance: urgent visa, smoother application process, proper assistance). Once a company and their services match your exact requirement criterion, you can schedule a call with them and discuss further!

How do you apply for a visa?

There are a few steps that you must be following while you're applying for a visa

  • Select the type of visa that you want to apply for.
  • Check your eligibility for the particular type of visa.
  • Apply online and submit all the required documents.
  • Complete your visa interview process.

That's it! Once you've cleared the interview process and your visa has been processed, you're ready to travel!

How long does it take to get a tourist visa for Dubai?

Once you've applied for a Dubai visa, the only thing that needs time for processing is the immigration approval. If you've applied for a normal tourist visa for Dubai, it usually takes around 3 to 4 working days processing time. After the visa has been processed, you can visit Dubai within 60 days of the issue of your visa.