Translation Services Dubai

PROFILE OF Translation Services

When people go into a foreign country for a business trip or holiday, if they do not know the official language of that country, they can not communicate and they are not able to ask for directions or even for the meal they prefer to order. And because there are over 7000 languages in the world, people chose English as the most frequent one, in order to be able to talk with each other. So, nowadays, the English is the simplest alternative to communicate, but sometimes people need to know other languages. But because the people may not have the time, patience and not event the willingness to learn other languages, they usually appeal to the translation services.

The translation services deal with the translation books, documents, paper works and so on from one language to another using the skills of people who are able to write and speak in foreign languages. Nowadays, it is said that the more languages people know, the better it is for them. But there is a big difference between translators and interpreters of a language.

To make things more clearly, translators and interpreters are two completely different professions, but they have in common the ability of people to use language skills at a very high level. But the differences are significant. While translators work from their computer in an office or from their own home (having access to some specialized tools, resources and the Internet), without (theoretically) being disturbed by anyone, the interpreters work in public, usually without access to the Internet or other resources.

Those who deal with translation services have a chance to review their work several times before sending it to their coordinators, while the interpreters are always exposed to time pressure and they do not have the possibility to withdraw one word of what they said. The results of the translators’ and interpreters’ work are also different. The interpreters should be able to translate the full message of the speaker, without mistakes and without omissions or additions. On the other hand, the translators should offer a translation that sounds as if it was written in that language, with a chiseled text, which follows a series of grammar, terminology, style and format rigors.

The United Arab Emirates is the country where people often use translation services. Those who come to this country to do business should have to translate certain documents in the Arabic language and they hire translators or even interpreters they have an important meeting. Arabic is an interesting and beautiful language, but not everything is able to speak it. The Europeans usually have problems when it comes to this fact.