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Storage tanks are an important investment for those who work in big industries such as transporting liquids or petroleum refinery. The main role of storage tanks is the fact that they are containers which can hold liquids and gases. But, despite pressure vessels, storage tanks do not operate with pressure. The most common shape of these equipments is the cylindrical one, but there are also some storage tanks which have a square shape.

Storage tanks - a must in cities like Dubai

Abu Dhabi and Dubai are cities that have a rich oil industry, occupying an important place in the top of cities that deals with this area. For example, Dubai is the ultra-modern and ultra-luxury city from Persian Gulf which continuously invests in oil storage tanks that proved to be extremely useful.

It is important to say that storage tanks are safer than the pressure vessels and the rate of accidents and explosions are much lower, due to the lack of pressure. But you have to notice that storage tanks used for petroleum products, chemicals and other hazardous substances for the environment must respect some certain criteria and standards.

Cleaning and washing them is the way to prevent environmental contamination and to protect people who have to work with them. Also when hazardous substances are stored in those tanks, it is essential to reduce as much as possible the risk of leaking. The corrosion of storage tanks increases the risk of contamination the environment and can cause major property damage. So it is highly recommended to use storage tanks made of good materials.

To ensure that the storage tanks that you use for chemicals respect all the conditions, it is necessary that you resort to inspection services and also ask for calibration and audit. From a specialized person you will receive a certificate attesting the quality of storage equipment.

Cleaning the storage tanks is a complex process that includes some steps. First of all, the substances in tanks must be emptied and stored in a safe place. Then the whole tank must be vented and cleaned. If there are any residues, they must be extracted and transported in special deposits to be disposed by an authorized person. Then, after the tank is clean and sanitized, the initial products or the substances can be introduced back into the storage tank. It is important to remark that those dealing with the cleaning process must wear permanently protective equipment.