Swimming Pools Maintenance Dubai

PROFILE OF Swimming Pools Maintenance

The best way to relax, especially in the hot days of summer, is the time spent at swimming pool. The doctors recommend swimming for those who want to have a healthier lifestyle. Also, it is said that swimming is a good activity for losing weight. So those who want to look good are advised to combine a low calories diet with the activity of swimming. There are, however, a lot of persons who want to have their own swimming pool. But, before starting to build one, it is important to know that the swimming pool maintenance is not such an easy process.

Most owners of swimming pools are the hotel owners. They say that before renting a room, most tourists want to know if the hotel that has a swimming pool. In the luxury hotels from Dubai, the swimming pools are a real must. In great demand are those which have unusual shapes.

The experts claim that the swimming pool is associated with the idea of holiday and spare time. For example, the tourists enjoy drinking exotic cocktails on the brink of pool in Dubai. But the experts also say that sometimes the swimming pool maintenance involves high costs.

An indoor pool is much more expensive than the outdoor one. It involves the construction of a space which has the size of a large living room. Also it requires heating, ventilation and dehumidification of the air. So it is not surprising that sometimes a room at a hotel with interior swimming pool in Dubai can be more expensive.

Sometimes, the most important fact for building an indoor pool is the professionalism of the architect. Another important step is represented by the adjustment of equipment of the water flow. Also it should come with the equipment that ensures the cleaning of the water. Of course, the water disinfection can be done manually by spreading on the surface of the water some powdery substances or by pouring some disinfectant liquids. But this procedure is difficult and imprecise.

For swimming pools maintenance, the experts say that the exterior pools need to be covered with some pool tarps. There are three different types of pool tarps: the summer tarp that floats on water and its main purpose is to keep constant the water temperature; the winter tarp which does not have great thermo-insulating power and its main role is to protect the walls of the pool; the security tarp which is designed especially to protect the children.