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PROFILE OF Sugar Trading

Sugar is a food made from sugar beet or sugarcane, with a high content of sucrose which gives it a pronounced sweet taste that people love. Sugar is used for sweetening the food and drinks, but also as a preservative. It can be digested quickly, providing a good source of glucose and it is also a monosaccharide which is used by biological cells for the energy production.

The countries with the highest sugar production are Brazil, India, China and the United Arab Emirates. In the United Arab Emirates there are a lot of sugar merchants and the culinary industry of this country includes a lot of products based on sugar.

The UAE sugar merchants claim that people who consume sugar-based foods have a lower tendency to suffer from depression. And the depression is the disease of the 21st century which can have extremely harmful effects. Also the sugar merchants noticed that when people go through difficult times or when they are in love, they consume a greater amount of sugar. This is the reason why, the sweet chocolate is considered the symbol of love and the chocolate candies may help someone to get over a breakup. According to sugar merchants, the highest sugar sales in the UAE are registered around significant events when people use this ingredient to make cookies or other homemade sweets. Sugary desserts are very popular in the UAE, especially in well known restaurants.

There are, indeed, some negative effects of consuming sugar, but only when it comes to large quantities. The white sugar is called “the white poison” due to the fact that people think that it may cause diabetes, tooth caries and it also may increase the rate of obesity. But sugar, like many other foods, contains large amounts of carbohydrates, which means that if you eat it in large amounts, without doing sport, you will get fat.

However, the experts say that if sugar is consumed in moderation, it increases the energy reserves and do not necessarily affect the silhouette. In addition, statistics have shown that people who have an appetite for sweets do not eat fat food. And sometimes fat food can be even more dangerous than sugar.

Even if it seems impossible, sugar is found almost in every modern food. From the ketchup used by people for pizza to delicious jar pickles, from the cereals put in yogurt to the fruit juice or even the nectar which is supposed to be natural.