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PROFILE OF Software Trading

The IT domain is by far one of the most popular across the world because, recently, the technology has evolved a lot. In this way, the devices and gadgets have evolved too, both in size and shape and also when it comes to their mode of operation. For example, the mobile phones have larger screens, but they are thinner and have fewer buttons. The personal computers were replaced mostly by laptops. But that is not all. The real changes are related to software.

The computer software can be used for a large range of activities, making the work easier every day. The software main role is that it facilitates working with large amounts of data, simplifying the process and transfer of information, enabling quick combining of different kinds of information (text, image, sound, animation) and taking series of repetitive tasks.

The computer software trading is one of the most profitable businesses, especially in well developed cities such as Dubai. In Dubai, for example, the most luxurious hotels use performant software for all devices. And when software problems appear, the Dubai IT-ists are there to offer the best software solutions. These IT-ists are well known all over the world for their good quality services and their concern about the evolution of technology.

But when it comes to this operation system, the Dubai computer software trading is based on selling software computer licenses. The license is a document (usually a virtual one) that regulates the conditions of using the computer programs. In other words, the license is a contract between the copyright owner and the user of a particular category of computer programs. And the license is the only legal evidence for the right of using these computer products called "software".

When people purchase the software, they actually buy the right to use that software under certain restrictions imposed by the copyright owner. These rules are specified in the documentation accompanying the program, particularly in the license.

However, there are a lot of people that use illegal software, without having any license. These types of software usually have low quality and they are even more exposed at the risk of contracting viruses on computers. But this is not all. There is a type of software called "Open source" whose source code is public and freely accessible for the public use. But, generally there is an indication of copyright which remains attached to this software. Open source does not necessarily mean totally free. It means free access to the source code.