Plastic Bags Manufacturing Dubai

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PROFILE OF Plastic Bags Manufacturing

Plastic bags manufacturers in Dubai provide a wide range of products in different sizes and colors, in order to meet the needs of various retailers in the UAE, such as grocery stores, small shops, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and retail outlets, among others. They continuously improve the selection of products they offer, so that they are able to meet the changing bagging requirements and needs in many different industries. The plastic bags that are manufactured by the companies specialized in this sector are available in all styles, from shopper friendly T-shirt style bags, banana handle bags and loop type handle bags, to heavy duty plastic bags and laundry plastic bags. The products can be customized according to the preference of the retailers who purchase them. All aspects of the design, such as the color, the style and the size, can be tailored to meet the requests of any company in any sector. The name of the brand or the logo, as well as any other image or text, can be printed on the plastic bags too.

Apart from shopping bags, plastic bags manufacturers also provide other products, such as freezer or sandwich bags that are ideal for storing food in the refrigerator, ice cubes bags, vacuum bags, zipper bags, which are useful in many different applications, including for pharmaceutical and electronic component packaging, snack bags with punch holes, which are mostly used in bakeries, plastic rolls, which are mostly used for spare parts packaging and for specific types of construction works, normal and heavy duty garbage bags of various sizes, both for the consumers, as well as for business clients in different industries, and side sealed type plastic bags with or without a gusset and lip on top of them, which are mostly used in the fruit and vegetable sections in supermarkets.