Patent and Industrial Property Agent Dubai

PROFILE OF Patent and Industrial Property Agent

It is a known fact that the economic development of a society is determined by the sum of elements that compose it, including the human resources and the most important part of them: the original creations. During time, people were always interested in defending their assets and they also manifested the sense of ownership. Nowadays, talented people who have innovative ideas which are aimed to ensure progress must protect their inventions, appealing to what is called “the right of intellectual property”. There are two types of intellectual property: the industrial property and commercial one.

The industrial property includes technical creations (inventions, utility models), aesthetic creations (marks and designs), hallmarks associated with products (trademark, trade name, geographical indication) and, of course, the right of protection against the unfair competition. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who want to steal the recipe for success when it comes to a good idea of business in the industrial domain.

Also it is important to know that the industrial property also refers to protecting industrial property rights when it comes to the production from the agricultural industries and the mining industry. The agricultural industries include the production of wine, grain, tobacco leaves, fruit, vegetables and more, and the mining industry includes the production of mineral water, the mineral extraction and so on.

Typically, the industrial property rights are acquired by registration, only after examining an application which is filed at an industrial property office. But in some countries there are patent registration agents, which are also called patent and industrial property agents. The main role of patent and industrial property agents is to help people and companies to protect their industrial properties and creations.

In the United Arab Emirates, which is a well-known country for its large number of industrial investments and for the companies interested in this particular area, the patent registration agents are always the main support for those who want to protect their ideas. Especially, Dubai is the city where the people and companies are more and more interested in protecting their rights.

On the other hand, in this country, the intellectual and industrial property rights are some tools used for marketing or managerial strategy. Once a company has found a recipe that makes its products to be sold quickly and also to be appreciated by the customers, it is natural that this company does not to want to share it with anyone. And so the company appeals to patent registration agents.