Oil and Natural Gas Well Drilling Dubai

PROFILE OF Oil and Natural Gas Well Drilling

Oil and natural gas well drilling is the process of creating a well by drilling a hole into the earth, with the help of a drilling rig that rotates a drill string with a bit attached. After that, a casing with a smaller diameter is placed inside the borehole, in order to provide structural integrity to it.

The companies in Dubai that are specialized in oil and natural gas well drilling provide a wide range of services, ranging from engineering solutions and real time analysis, drilling, high resolution measurements and surface logging solutions, to solids control, waste management and cementing services. Professional advice and expert evaluation is offered during each phase of the well design, planning and operations, including well placement advice, wellbore quality assurance services, surface formation evaluation services and real time performance monitoring and optimization. The experienced staff working at these companies is able to recommend the most suitable oil and natural gas well drilling technology, in order to help increase drilling and well intervention efficiency in specific conditions. Some of the technologies available in this sector are directional drilling, managed pressure drilling, casing drilling, liner drilling and seismic guided drilling. The measurement services provided cover every aspect that should be taken into consideration in oil and natural gas well drilling, such as required measurements related to reservoir mapping, geology, geomechanics, geophysics, reservoir engineering and well placement. Integrated, customized rig construction services, as well as drilling processes optimization solutions and production management advice are also offered for any type of project.

Apart from complete services, these companies also provide all the necessary materials for oil and natural gas well drilling, including drilling rigs, all types of drill bits, customized drilling fluids and additives, as well as different types of tools that are required for the operation, such as tubular tools, jars and impact tools, reamers and stabilizers, among others.

Most of these companies have years of experience in oil and natural gas well drilling and have successfully completed numerous onshore and offshore drilling projects in the Gulf area, as well as in other places throughout the world. From well development consulting to engineering, these oil and natural gas well drilling companies are committed to safety and operational excellence, and are able to provide integrated solutions that allow the clients to achieve their operational goals in the most cost and time efficient manner.