Natural (Organic) Food Manufacturing Dubai

PROFILE OF Natural (Organic) Food Manufacturing

Natural or organic food is produced using only certified ingredients from organic farms, that have not been treated with any type of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. The main difference between organic food and conventional options is that the latter can contain residues of different chemicals, such as pesticides, antibiotics or growth hormones that were used during the production or processing, and can be harmful to the human health. Although more expensive, due to the higher costs implied in its production, organic food is considered to be a better alternative to the regular products that are usually found in supermarkets. More and more people are becoming health conscious nowadays and are willing to pay more, in order to be sure that the foods they consume are safe. The willingness to pay a premium for health benefits is higher in a developing market, like the UAE, than in other countries in the world.

According to recent studies, the demand for organic food is continuously increasing in the UAE. The main reasons for this are the growing population, the high per capita income in the country, as well as the greater awareness of the organic movement and of the benefits of consuming healthy foods. Baby food is in the top of the demands of organic food in the country, being also the largest category within natural and healthy packaged food in the UAE. There seems to be an increased availability of organic produce and a greater development of specialist retail offerings, more and more stand alone shops that are specialized in organic food finding their place on the market, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and many leading retailers and supermarkets choosing to expand their sections dedicated to natural food. Also, organic farming has seen a significant expansion in the region in the last years, in order to cater to the greater demand of such products. There are a many foreign companies that are specialized in providing this type of food who export their products to the UAE, but however, this implies a higher price for them, since transporting fresh goods in the shortest time possible is not the cheapest option.

Organic food manufacturers and retailers in Dubai provide everything, from a great variety of fruit and vegetables, to local eggs and dairy products, such as milk, yoghurt, sour cream or cheese, as well as meat from organically fed animals, raw honey, bread, olive oil, seeds, spices and many different cupboard items. Numerous gluten free products and dairy free alternatives are also available.