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PROFILE OF Light Fitting and Fixtures Trading

The light fitting and fixtures are some accessories that have the main role to bring light into a room. Moreover, it can be said that they are some design accessories, which in addition to their intrinsic functionality to lighten the rooms they are able to bring more style and finesse into a house. There is a wide range of light fittings and fixtures: the chandeliers, the candelabra, the spots, the wall fittings, the ceiling lamps and so on. And there is also a wide range of areas of use: the domestic lighting, the public lighting, the garden lighting, the business lighting and more.

It is important to note that people need light fittings and fixtures in their life. Without them, people would not be able to do anything. Nowadays, for people is almost impossible to imagine how their ancestors lived over 200 years ago, when there was no electricity.

People always wondered who discovered the electricity. But the electricity is a form of energy and it exists in nature, so it was not "invented". Regarding to who discovered it, there are also a lot of misconceptions. Some believe that Benjamin Franklin is the person who discovered electricity, but his experiments only helped him to establish a link between lightning and electricity and nothing more.

The Italian physicist called Alessandro Volta discovered that the chemical reactions can produce electricity, and in 1800 he built a voltaic cell (an early electric battery) which produced continuous electrical current. So it can be said that he was the first person who generated a stream of constant electrical charges. But the history of electricity is more complex than that.

Going back today, it can be seen that, sometimes, these light fittings and fixtures are especially designed to create a real light show. Let’s take for example the great luxurious hotels in Dubai, which are annually visited by thousands of tourists. In Dubai, all hotel owners pay attention to the interior lighting system of the buildings. They usually use elegant chandeliers for the hotels’ receptions and some lamps for the hotel rooms. The lamps are designed to create a diffuse light. This type of light is appreciated by tourists who want to rest or to relax watching their favorite programs on TV.

Also when people want to create a more intimate atmosphere, they use scented candles, instead of light fitting and fixtures. The candles are considered a symbol of romance and they are used during romantic dinners in the great Dubai hotels.