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PROFILE OF Landscape & Gardening works & Maintenance

Landscape gardening implies improving different aesthetic features of a garden, by modifying different aspects of the flora and growing specific types of plants, as well as by modifying specific natural elements, such as landforms, terrain shape, elevation or bodies of water, among others, for creating the desired environment within the landscape. Understanding the properties of the site, such as the terrain, topography or soil qualities, together with adapting the possible solutions to the needs and requirements of the client are the key factors of successful landscape gardening.

Landscape contractors in Dubai provide a wide range of services, including developing the garden design project, planning the layout of the space, applying mineral fertilizers according to the PH of the soil and its composition, planting trees, shrubs, different types of decorative plants and flowers, processing plants with pesticides, as well as finding the most suitable crown formation solutions, selecting the best feeding, watering and weed control solutions and installing or applying them, among others. After an initial consultation, the designers and architects will understand the specific needs and requirements of the client, as well as the budget for the project, and will sketch a brief initial design, to show the client the possibilities they have and the costs implied in each case. Once the client has decided on the layout and the materials for their garden and has approved a specific type of design, landscape contractors proceed to the actual execution of the project.

Apart from the initial landscaping architecture and design, development and execution, landscape contractors in Dubai offer a great selection of regular maintenance and garden care services, from pruning, hedging, weed control, watering, leaf clearing, removal of dead leaves, trimming and shaping of hedges and shrubs, weed, pest and disease control treatments, composting, lawn dressing and fertilizing, to seasonal splitting and replanting and garden clearance. Landscape contractors are able to create stunning outdoor living spaces, according to the requirements of the client, and to find sustainable solutions for maintaining them, taking into consideration the specific climate conditions in the area. They can recommend the most suitable automatic irrigation systems, which are operated by a computerized controller and are usually engineered to function automatically and with minimum manual participation. Choosing the professional garden maintenance services offered by landscape contractors, will help the clients both in the private and business sectors increase the beauty of the outdoor spaces surrounding their residential or working spaces and also increase the actual value of their properties.