Ice Cream Manufacturing Dubai

PROFILE OF Ice Cream Manufacturing

Ice cream is a type of frozen dessert that is usually made from dairy products like milk, yoghurt or cream and flavored with fruit or other ingredients. It can be served by itself from a dish or cone, or it can be used to prepare other desserts, such as floats, sundaes or milkshakes, among others.

The ice cream manufacturing process usually consists of a few basic steps, including blending of the mixture of chosen ingredients, pasteurization, homogenization, ageing, freezing, packaging and hardening. After the ingredients are chosen, based on the desired formulation, they are weighed and blended in a high speed blender, in order to produce the ice cream mix, which is then pasteurized, in order to destroy any possible pathogenic bacteria and also to hydrate some of the components, such as proteins or stabilizers. After that, ice cream goes through a homogenization process, which takes place at the pasteurization temperature and is extremely important for avoiding the clumping or clustering of the fat and consequently, for obtaining a smooth texture and give the ice cream better air stability and richness, as well for increasing its melting resistance. Next, the mix is aged for a few hours, in order to allow the fat to cool down and crystallize and the dry ingredients to hydrate properly. This process is done in refrigerators, where the mix has to be maintained at the lowest temperature possible, without freezing it. When the ageing process is finalized, the desired flavorings and colorants are added to the ice cream and it is usually mixed again, before going through the freezing and packaging processes. The last step of ice cream manufacturing is the hardening process, which implies placing the final product in a blast freezer, in order to avoid ice crystal growth.

Ice cream manufacturers in Dubai provide an extensive selection of products that are marketed in local shops, supermarkets or ice cream parlors located in different locations in the city. Some producers also manufacture different varieties that are not only intended for local sale, but also for export in different countries in the Middle East. A wide range of products are available in Dubai and in the rest of the UAE, from regular, dairy based options, to vegan options and gourmet options with unique flavors and ingredients, such as vanilla bean, saffron, rare black truffles and even edible gold.