Hospitality Services Dubai

PROFILE OF Hospitality Services

Luxury hotels try to offer their customers the best conditions so that they always return with pleasure in the same places. Some proves of this fact are the hotels from Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is host of hundreds of hotels, from the most luxurious ones to those which provide basic conditions. So it can be said that customers have a great variety of choices and that the competition is very high in this area.

But the studies have shown that when tourists go on holiday, whether they choose Dubai as destination or another town or even an exotic island, they are interested in their accommodation. And they want the best conditions, being willing to pay a lot for them.

So, beyond how delicious the food is and how clean the rooms are, tourists are concerned about some other hospitality services such as: if the hotel has a fitness center, if it has a pool, if the hotel has sauna and relaxation room and the list may continue. As they pay more on the touristic packages, the tourists expect to enjoy more hospitality services. And it is important to know that the hospitality services are always a good marketing strategy of attracting even the most demanding clients.

Also, when it comes to luxury hotels, the most appreciated hospitality services are those regarding the valet parking services. People usually enjoy seeing their car parked by another person because this makes them to feel special. Also, it is important to know that sometimes parking the car it can be a very difficult thing, especially when it is a large car, so it is better to let someone else handle it.

The courtesy of the hotel staff is another very important aspect when it comes to the hospitality services. The hotel staff should always be well informed, friendly and ready to help the customers. For example, if the tourists need information about the sights of the destination where the hotel is located, it is better for them to receive this information from the hotel staff. Sometimes it is easier to offer the tourists a brochure with all the information.

The experts also say that the customers are interested in the hotel laundry services when they plan to spend more time in that hotel. For example, those who come for business in Dubai usually appeal to the laundry services and because of the fact that they should wear elegant outfits, they often appeal to ironing clothes’ services too.