Gypsum Products Manufacturing Dubai

PROFILE OF Gypsum Products Manufacturing

Gypsum is a soft sulfate mineral that can be used in a wide range of applications in different sectors, ranging from interior and exterior design and construction, to dentistry and even agriculture. It can be used as a finish for walls and ceilings, in the form of blocks in the construction industry, as a fertilizer and soil conditioner for ameliorating high sodium soils in agriculture, as a binder or as alabaster, which is a material used in sculpture.

Gypsum is widely used in the building sector, mostly in the form of blocks or boards. These are lightweight building materials composed of solid gypsum and are a preferred solution for interior walls, partition walls, cavity walls, skin walls and pillar casings, as well as for many other indoor applications. Gypsum products are usually made of plaster and water, their manufacturing process being a mostly automated one. The raw material is ground and dried, than it is heated, in order to remove most of the water in it into gypsum plaster, through a process called calcination. Afterwards, the plaster is mixed with water, stirred and poured into molds of the desired shape and size for obtaining blocks or boards. While they are still wet, gypsum products are taken out of the molds and left to dry, before being packaged and transported to different retailers or directly to the construction sites where they will be used.

Gypsum products manufacturers in Dubai provide a wide range of solutions for the construction industry, including blocks, ceiling tiles, regular interior and exterior boards, as well as fire resistant boards and moisture resistant boards. Gypsum products are in high demand in the UAE, mostly due to the rapid expansion on the construction sector in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.