Fruit Juices Manufacturing in Dubai, UAE

Al Quoz
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PROFILE OF Fruit Juices Manufacturing

Fruit juices manufacturing implies extracting the liquid that is naturally contained in different types of fruit and sometimes adding other additives, such as preservatives or sweeteners, as well as extra vitamins and supplemental nutrients. Preservatives are used in order to maintain the juice fresh for a longer period of time and to extend the shelf life of the product. Natural or artificial sweeteners are sometimes added to provide a better taste, especially in the case of specific types of fruit. There are also additives like ascorbic acid, for example, which are used to provide tartness to the drink. Food processors that are specialized in fruit juices manufacturing also offer healthy drinks that are enhanced with vitamins C, E or A, or with calcium or other minerals. Natural colorants like beta carotene or artificial ones are sometimes used to offer the desired color to the natural juice.

Fruit juices manufacturing implies various processes until obtaining the final product. After the fruit are harvested when they are ripe and mature enough, they are transported to the food processors who specialize in producing this type of beverages. There, they are inspected and only the ones that are considered to meet the maturity requirements and the quality standards for processing are taken through the next steps. The selected fruit are washed, in order to remove any possible debris and dirt, and to avoid the contamination of the juice with any germs. They are then dried and compressed, for extracting the natural liquid in them. After that, the extracted juice is filtrated once more through a stainless steel screen, before being taken to the next steps of the fruit juice manufacturing process. Food processors choose sometimes to produce concentrated juices, which have an extended shelf life and make storage, as well as shipping more economical. This implies an additional stage in the process. Steam is usually used to heat the juice under vacuum and consequently, force water to be evaporated and obtain the concentrate. All bottled or packaged fruit juices provided by food processors in Dubai, that are not intended for immediate consumption, go through a pasteurization process, which is used in order to offer increased protection from bacteria, yeast and mold growth. Different additives are sometimes added at this time too. After this last step of the fruit juices manufacturing process, the final product is packaged or bottled in a sterile environment and is ready to be transported to various retailers in the UAE or exported to other countries in the Middle East.