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PROFILE OF Fasteners

A diligent and skillful man always has in his toolbox a lot of nuts and bolts. These small utensils are made of metal and have a wide range of use. It can be said that bolts resembles the nails, but they have the shape of a pin head and a helical rib called external thread. The bolts are usually used with nuts because the nuts main role is to set them.

But there is a problem. People usually tend to confuse bolts with screws. To make things clear, a bolt requires a nut while a screw does not. Unfortunately, a total distinction between bolts and screws is not made, not even in the books about constructions.

Both kind of tools are used in various domains, from construction to decorations, but they also have an interesting history. It is said that the first screw was called the ”Archimede’s screw”, but it was not used to set things.

Then, thanks to Leonardo Da Vinci, during the Renaissance, the bolts and screws began to be used as fasteners. They were considered especially as fixing means in watches, war machines and other mechanical constructions. Sometimes, the screws were used for fixing picture on the wall, in the rich family houses. In those days, a lot of people used to collect art objects such as paintings.

A lot of different types of bolts and nuts.

The category of bolts and nuts is very generous. In a lot of big cities such as Dubai, there are many stores that sell construction tools. Most of them are just online store and have a large category of bolts and nuts. For example, we can talk about removable bolts for making connections, hexagonal bolts, carriage bolts, stove bolts and so on.

But the most common categories are the carriage bolts and stove bolts. The carriage bolts can be distinguished by their rounded heads. They also have a square shaped shaft which is put underneath the head of the bolt. On the other hand, stove bolts always require using a nut because they are threaded from the bottom to the top.

It is important to notice that, when you intend to buy any kind of these tools from a store, even if it is in Dubai or anywhere else, make sure you do not forget to buy a screwdriver. It may help you fix the bolts. Also it is always important to choose the suitable nuts for the bolts.