Drilling Rig Refurbishment Dubai

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Drilling Rig Refurbishment Dubai

UAE has an extensively developed oil and gas industry and plenty of companies both local and international operate in this sector. Therefore it is hardly surprising that there is always a great demand for drilling rig refurbishment solutions that can help these companies to boost their operational efficiency. Unless such drilling rig refurbishment services are used from time to time, it would be impossible for a company operating in the oil and gas industry to work the way it should. Fortunately there are many good drilling rig refurbishment experts in Dubai that can offer competent and effective solutions to their clients.

Specialized services

A leading drilling rig refurbishment Dubai company can offer complete rig refurbishment and rig fabrication services and can deliver intelligent and powerful pipe handling solutions that can work great for the client firm. These companies regularly work with various international business firms and provide them with rig refurbishment services that are absolutely state of the art. From carrying out updates of rigs and associated equipments to delivering complete overhaul expertise, they can make sure at each and every step of the way that your business has the right kind of support when you are looking to mine oil and gas.

Long term experience

The good thing about these professionals is that they are highly skilled at working with different types of drilling rigs and therefore it is easy for them to upgrade to new equipments or diagnose issues with the existing ones. Even if you are looking to refurbish individual pieces of various equipments, these experts can do so for you based on their brand, make and model. Since they have in-depth understanding about how rigs work and the equipments that you will need to improve the functioning of these systems, they can easily guide you to find products that can match your specific needs. In this way, they can also help you to save on additional costs that you may have to incur when you are looking to get such products.

Diverse solutions

The knowledge and industry experience they have makes it possible for them to repair and refurbish drilling rigs no matter the nature of the inherent problem. Some of the specialized services that these companies can offer you include complete structural repairs, working with mud systems as well as high-pressure piping equipments, replacement of masts and various substructures, rig moving systems, providing spare parts, modifications to boost rig capacity as well as offering paint jobs and body work. Additional services and solutions offered by these companies include project managing, software integration services, recertification and engineering.

Finding best service providers

A good company of drilling rig refurbishment experts in Dubai can offer you diverse solutions like mast repairs and recertification solutions, total mast replacements, engine and transmission re-power solutions, refurbishment or replacement of draw works and a wide range of other solutions. To find out the best expert in this sphere, you can visit an online business directory that can offer you such solutions that can be great for your enterprise.