Coolants Manufacturing in Dubai, UAE

PROFILE OF Coolants Manufacturing

Radiators are the heat exchangers used for cooling internal combustion engines found in different types of vehicles, including automobiles and some motorcycles, as well as in piston-engine aircraft, railway locomotives and in many other applications where this type of engines are used, such as stationary generating plants.

Radiator coolants are usually water based or oil based liquids used for cooling the engine while it is functioning. Making sure that a vehicle has the adequate amount of the right type of radiator coolant is vital for protecting the engine and allowing it to function properly and last longer. The levels of fluid in the radiator and in the cooling system should be checked regularly and the radiator fluid should be replaced every two to five years, since the acids in the composition of the antifreeze liquid can cause the wear down of different metal parts inside the engine, the ingredients added by the manufacturers in them, in order prevent corrosion and rust, breaking down over time and becoming potentially harmful to the engine.

For most types of vehicles, glycol based antifreeze radiator coolants are the best solutions. However, most of these radiator coolants sometimes need to mixed with a certain amount of water, in order to allow the engine to function best. This is necessary especially in warmer climates, like the one in the UAE. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend to mix radiator coolants and water in equal parts in climates where the engines require adequate cooling but do not need protection against freezing.

There are a great number of companies in Dubai who are specialized in radiator coolants manufacturing and supply a wide range of products for internal combustion engines used in a variety of applications. They provide all types of radiator coolants, including inorganic acid technology ones, which are usually bright green in color, organic acid technology ones, which are dyed in different colors, ranging from orange to dark green, and hybrid organic acid technology ones, which are also available in a few colors, such as yellow and orange. Choosing the right type of radiator coolant is easy, since most car manufacturers recommend a particular type to be used for all of their lines.