Construction Chemicals Manufacturing in Dubai, UAE

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PROFILE OF Construction Chemicals Manufacturing

Construction chemicals are a type of specialty chemicals that are created in order to provide a great variety of effects on different construction materials and improve their durability or resistance to water, sunlight or other factors. Construction chemicals are chosen for specific applications, depending on their function and performance level. For example, construction chemicals like cellulose ether products and latex powders are used in order to give gypsum based products the expected quality and performance features, to make them easily workable and to provide high stability and help avoiding sagging during application. The specifically modified additives for tile adhesives and grouts are formulated to control fresh mortar properties and improve the application performance, as well as to improve their strength and durability. Construction chemicals like acrylic emulsion polymers, which are used in cement modifiers, can help improve adhesion to different surfaces, including wooden surfaces. Thermosetting resins, which are used for binding mineral fibers in the production of insulation blanket products, can improve the performance characteristics and application features of the end products, providing a dust free application and the best soft touch results after they are applied to a surface.

The companies in Dubai that are specialized in construction chemicals manufacturing produce a wide range of solutions for gypsum applications, rendering materials, adhesives for ceramic tiles and tile grouts, flooring adhesives, floor self-leveling underlayment solutions, different types of primers for promoting adherence, fixing chalky or crumbly surfaces or sealing surfaces, waterproofing membranes, cool reflective roof coatings, cement modifiers, insulation, all types of sealants, fiber cement coatings and different additives, such as synthetic thickeners, dispersants and opaque polymers. These companies also offer basic components for construction chemicals, including performance additives and intermediates like defoamers, water repellents and mold release agents, as well as different kinds of powder products for dry mix applications.