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PROFILE OF Concrete Products Manufacturers

Concrete blocks are a type of prefabricated standardized building components that are produced in a different location from the construction site, usually by companies that are specialized in concrete blocks manufacturing, and then transported to the site and just assembled there. These components are usually mass produced and are preferred due to the ease of operations during their assembling. They are a great choice, especially when the construction project needs to be finalized in a short period of time. Choosing to build a residential or non-residential construction using concrete blocks is not only a fast option, but also a cost efficient one. Furthermore, precast concrete blocks are considered to be of higher quality than cast in place ones.

The concrete blocks manufacturing process implies proportioning the necessary raw materials, such as cement, aggregate and different additives, and mixing them with a specific quantity of water, in order to obtain the mixture with the desired texture, and then pouring the mixture into a standard mold and leaving it to cure in a controlled environment for a specific period of time. After that, the concrete blocks are carefully lifted from the mold and exposed to open air, avoiding direct sunlight, in order to ensure their further curing. When the manufacturing process is finalized, they are delivered to the clients and are ready to be used in any type of construction project.

Concrete blocks can be purchased either in standardized shapes, or they can be customized according to the needs and requirements of the client, in terms of shape and size. The concrete blocks that are manufactured on request are produced in molds that are specifically designed for each project. Many companies in Dubai that are specialized in this sector offer the option to create and provide tailor made concrete blocks, covering any possible needs.