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Shuraa International Tax & Accounting Services L.L.C, we are a group of knowledgeable and qualified accountants, auditors and tax advisories in Dubai, UAE.

At Shuraa International Tax & Accounting Services L.L.C also referred as Shuraa International Tax Consultants and Accountants we offer comprehensive UAE VAT, tax management as well as accounting services in Dubai and various other Emirates.

Shuraa International Tax & Accounting Services L.L.C has a cordial association with the officials in the ministry that allows us to be up to date with the variating commercial laws and UAE taxation rules. We also make sure that your business is prepared for these economic impacts. Our tax consultants in Dubai evaluate your present situation for tax planning and regulate the bookkeeping of your company, so that you always have the necessary records and registrations.

Shuraa International Tax & Accounting Services L.L.C delivers services to record and maintain the bookkeeping of your company audit the financial statements; assistance through investment banking, notifies tax litigation and regulatory policies across a range of companies, etc. Shuraa International Tax Consultants and Accountants also aim at creating outstanding client service. We formulate limitless opportunities for our clients that does not only help them understand the various tax implementation in UAE but also allows them to enhance the overall financial efficiency and productivity of the company.


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