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Sand Trek Tourism LLC
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Last updated: 13 Feb 2023
Business Bay
Office 701, Prime Tower, Burj Khalifa Street, Business Bay, Dubai. U.A.E.


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In Bound Tour Operator


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Sand Trek Tourism is one of the leading and reputed tourism company with its head office in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and a branch office in London, United Kingdom. Our Mission is to provide our clients with a flawless journey and a lot of memories to remember. We value the highest quality, standard, and hospitality. Our vision is to introduce the Arabian Gulf as a destination of possibilities, rich culture, and field of highest imagination achievements to a vast international audience.

If you are planning a simply weekend getaway or an extended vacation, We Sand Trek Tourism tend to believe that your personal trip needs you to own your own personal tour guide. We all know that the plans with amendments you can go with your personal travel guide and we are equipped with our own fleet of luxury vehicles, providing guided excursions and we have a great variety of local tours and excursions, including tickets for attractions and adventure parks. Our quality standards are set high and safety of our clients is our priority.


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In Bound Tour Operator


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