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Umm Ramool
Umm Ramool


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The Company was formed in 2002, and from its Dubai headquarters has developed and refined fencing and hoarding systems, its designs and products are seen on construction projects throughout the GCC.
S&B's continual policy of product development and innovation will ensure they remain at the forefront of the fencing and hoarding market.
Our mission is to develop and revolutionise existing and new products for increased quality, performance and levels of safety, ensuring that we remain the GCC's most innovative site enclosure specialists.
We are a company that has built its reputation for providing the highest quality temporary site Hoarding, Fencing, and Police barriers, for use in the construction and events industries throughout the GCC.
All S&B panels are made using many materials. Some are made from 100% recycled material. This helps companies involved in construction and refurbishment projects reduce their carbon footprint.
Panels are re-usable and are easy to re-locate on the same site or on a new site. At the end of their usable life, panels can be 100% recycled to complete the eco-friendly circle.
Unlike timber panels, our panels:
• Will not weather, wilt and splinter when in use.
• Will not fall apart during dismantling.
• Will not end up in landfill sites after use.
Replacing timber or virgin plastic hoardings with S&B panels can save you money on whole life costs and substantially reduce your carbon footprint


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