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Air-Condition, Refrigeration Spare Parts and Components Trading

Boilers Manufacturing

Centralized Hot, Cold Water Systems Manufacturing

Compressor Parts

Compressor Suppliers

Diving Equipment Trading

Engineering Designing Instruments Trading

Filters and Purification Devices Trading

Heavy Duty Equipment, Machinery Repair, Operations and Maintenance

Heavy Equipment and Machinery Spare Parts Trading

Industrial Plant Equipment and Spare Parts Trading

Inspection, Testing Equipment and Devices Trading

Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment Trading

Lifts, Escalators and Spare Parts Trading

Lubricants and Grease Trading

Measuring and Control Systems Trading

Medical Gas Compressors Rental

Non Electrical Measuring and Control Systems Manufacturing

Oilfield and Natural Gas Equipment and Spare Parts Trading

Pipes and Fittings Trading

Plate Heat Exchangers Trading

Pneumatic Tools

Pumps, Engines, Valves and Spare Parts Trading

Tanks and Silos Trading

Water Cooling and Heating Equipment Trading

Water Treatment Equipment Trading

Well Drilling Equipment Trading

Workshop Hardware and Tools Trading

Air Conditioning Compressors

Air-Conditioners Adhesives

Compressor Parts

Construction Equipment Repair & Maintenance


Cranes And Hoist

Cranes Tower

Diesel Engine Suppliers

Diesel Engines Parts & Accessories

Digital Pressure Gauges

Drafting Equipment Trading

Drilling Equipment & Supplies

Electrical Winches

Engineering Equipment & Tools Trading

Engines - Marine & Power Plant

EOT Cranes


Filters Trading - Air, Gas & Oil

Fuel Filter

Fuel Injection Parts & Services

Gaskets & Packings

Generators - Portable

Heat Exchangers

Heavy Duty Equipment

Heavy Equipment

Hydraulic Tools

Industrial Automation

Laundry Equipment

Lifts & Escalators

Measuring Equipment

Mechanical Seals

Oilfield Equipment

Oilfield Equipment Suppliers

Pipe Manufacturers

Pipes and Fittings

Plant Hire

Pneumatic Equipment

Pneumatic Tools

Power Tools Trading

Pumps & Generators

PVC Pipes and Fittings

Surveying Instruments

Testing & Measuring Instruments Trdg

Testing Equipment & Devices



Waste Water Management

Water Treatment

Welding Equipment & Supplies

Workshop Equipment and Tools

Workshop Equipment, Machinery and Spare Parts Trading


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Broomwade Demag Hydrovane Mahle Mako Reavell

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