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Headquartered in Dubai (UAE) since 2011, LOTO Safety specializes in integrated solutions in Lockout Tagout, Arc Flash Protection PPE & Electrical safety products.

Considered a pioneer in the field of energy isolation products, our journey of excellence over the past decade has seen us grow from a trade house to manufacturer to innovator. LOTO Safety holds over 20 patents and 14 trademarks across different countries for their innovative Lockout Tagout products encompassing UAE, KSA, USA, UK, Australia, Netherlands, China & India.

Our strength is derived from the range of solutions offered in Lockout Tagout which include Presentations, Field assessments to map energy sources, Product demonstration and training for application of LOTO products along with supply of LOTO devices, padlocks, tags and accessories.

Our patented feature rich LOTO products help in reducing downtime during project commissioning, shutdowns and turnarounds. LOTO Safety has been a preferred supplier to several big ticket projects in the MENA region.

Customers who rely on our expertise include renowned companies and entities across the MENA region including Burj Khalifa, ADNOC group, DP World, EGA, SABIC, ALBA, Dolphin Energy, Nawah Energy Services (Nuclear Plant), Samsung, Hyundai, Tecnicas Reunidas, Veolia, ABB, Schneider, Shanghai Electric and many more.

Our foray into Electrical safety products commenced with our first contract from ABB in 2012 to supply an Electrical service safety kit comprising Arc flash protection PPE and accessories for ABB's service personnel across AMEA region.

Building on our relationship with ABB, we have widened our horizon to stock and distribute an extensive range of Arc Flash Protection PPE, Live Line working & Electrical shock rescue products from some of the most renowned global brands viz: Oberon (USA), National Safety Apparel (USA), Tarasafe (India), Sibille Fameca (France), Work Italia, Sofamel (Spain) and others.

Our extensive range of Arc Flash Protection PPE is certified to EN & NFPA 70E standards and available in treated & inherent fabrics from 10 cal cm2 - 140 cal cm2.

Spanning a decade of excellence, we are continually upgrading our products and inventory to achieve our objective of creating a global footprint in 100 countries by 2022.

An inventory of over 600 line items stocked in our 10000 sq. ft. facility gives us an unparalleled edge when it comes to servicing urgent orders and same day dispatches.

We are continuously expanding and evolving, our website is regularly upgraded with new products so do visit regularly to keep abreast on our latest offerings.

The only thing that hasn't changed over the years is our commitment to service. Still old fashioned. We answer the phone personally and invest a best effort to deliver your order yesterday.

LOTO SAFETY Your GO TO vendor for Lockout Tagout & Arc Flash Protection PPE


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