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Founded in 2003, KGRN is truly a full service accounting and business growth company that businesses of all types turn to for unmatched quality and a variety of services. KGRN is pleased to be among the most respected audit firms in Dubai. While other auditing companies in Dubai are less experienced or perhaps even less competent, KGRN has more than a decade of experience satisfying clients. Upstart auditing firms in Dubai simply can't match that established history and strong reputation.
Internal audit firms in Dubai are not all the same, as you'll see when you contact us and start to experience the professional level of service we provide. You can choose other audit firms in Dubai to evaluate if you must, but like so many others will you almost certainly come to us. Because we serve you with distinction, we can help you grow your business. And all you have to do is contact us to get started.
KGRN Accounting Associates is a medium size Accountancy firm, with its head office in Dubai, UAE. It was founded in 2003, by G Rama Naidu and currently employs experienced and qualified Chartered Accountants having notable presence in Chennai & Melbourne, apart from Dubai. KGRN is a reputed Auditing firms, Internal Audit Firms and Auditing Companies based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are among the top listed Internal Audit Firms and Auditing Firms in Dubai, UAE.


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