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Gargash Insurance is a leading insurance intermediary delivering excellence in insurance broking and risk management services in the UAE since 1994. We are part of the renowned Gargash Group of Companies which has been involved in the business of insurance since 1958. We are headquartered in Dubai with branches in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah and have access to a wide international network to facilitate servicing our clients anywhere in the world. Backed by in-depth knowledge of the industry and regulatory frameworks, we have excellent relationships with leading national and international insurers operating in the UAE and abroad which is leveraged for the benefit of our valued clients. With a team of over 300 insurance professionals, the secret of our success has always been a passionate belief that the customer is the core of our business model.

We are proud to serve, with excellence, our clients which include leading business conglomerates, multinational organizations, property developers, major contractors, traders, companies in the service industry, small to medium enterprises as well as individual customers. We appreciate and understand that each client may have unique requirements and we provide bespoke solutions by first gaining a thorough understanding of your requirements and then designing a customized insurance and risk management program.. Our in-depth understanding of the insurance and legislative requirements combined with our excellent relationship with all leading national and international insurers help us provide our valued clientele with the best-in -class coverage at the most optimum prices across all types of insurance policies.

Global Affiliations

To serve our clients better we have created access to global insurance markets to obtain optimal solutions for complex requirements. We have extensive affiliations with international insurance networks like Euribron, FUNK, WING, Trust Risk Control etc. giving us the capability to provide assistance in many parts of the globe.

Vision, Mission & Charter of Service

Our Vision and Mission statements along with the Charter of Service forms the foundation of our values. It directs how we manage and conduct all our activities.

We shall provide professional, comprehensive, and competitive Risk Management and Insurance Solutions to all our customers. We believe that communicating with and educating our customers on an ongoing basis is critical in ensuring continuous customer protection and delight.

We shall create and nurture a challenging and rewarding environment for our employees to develop and grow their careers. We shall achieve this by training, empowerment and recognition.

We shall ensure consistency and optimal return maximizing customer and employee satisfaction and supplier relationship. We shall be a socially responsible organization and contribute meaningfully to this end. Our core values will be based on strategic planning, transparency, reliability, innovation, and accountability.

Charter of Service

1. As regions leading professional insurance broker and risk management specialists, review of the business and related risk exposures of our clients and design customized risk mitigation minimization and risk transfer (mainly insurance) solutions.
2. Once the solutions are agreed upon, ensure that the policies of insurance are from financially sound and secure insurers well known for professionalism and quality of service.
3. Ensure that insurance policies are tailored to client's needs and are in line with the best available in the market and that all locally available extensions clauses are incorporated in the policy. This will include deleting restrictions in the policy as is customarily carried out by professional intermediaries in the market.
4. Highlight to the clients limitations of their insurance program, exclusions and warranties.
5. Scrutinize all policies and documents for accuracy prior to approving them on behalf of clients.
6. Provide guidance to clients in the preparation of claim documentation and to act on client's behalf in the event of a claim in representing and protecting their interests with insurers, carriers, surveyors, adjusters, arbitrators, lawyers and other third parties.
7. Innovation and bold non-conventional approach and initiative in understanding and meeting the needs of our present and future customers.
8. Conduct periodic reviews of client's insurance requirement in the changing business environment and provide recommendations on risk improvement and protection.
9. Constantly update the client on changes in the industry.

Meet the Gargash Leadership Team who works with a vision to provide the best value to our customers.



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