Biston Construction Co (L.L.C)

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Biston Construction Co (L.L.C) Dubai
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Company Activities
This company has multiple activities in the construction field with design and production facility of structural steel for buildings and other kind of steel products like outdoor signboards (Unipoles and Hoarding) and other buildings accessories as follows.
As General Civil Contracting

Design and construction of turn key commercial, residential and industrial projects.
As Steel Contracting

Design, supply and erection of any steel structured buildings like factories, showrooms, villas, commercial or residential buildings, bridges and any steel structured features in the buildings such as rooftop features, mezzanine, staircase, handrails and platforms.
Special Division for Outdoor Signboards

Design and executing of outdoor signboards like hoardings, roof tops and unipoles.

Our Mission
The company is committed to provide the customers the best quality in building construction, steel structure and other services.

Commitment to Quality and Time
To carry out our core mission is a part of the policy for the company to focus on the quality of products with high standards and significantly maintain a quality assured work performance and services through time limitation to our customers.



Structures and Structural Steel Manufacturing

Interior Decoration

Steel Constructions Contracting