Belhasa Stones & Concrete Flooring

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Industrial Area 18, Maliha Rd


We manufacture a wide range of industrial stones products in our factory located in Umm Al Quain and display more than 250 designs in Dubai show room to suit your requirements. Ever since the company established, it has preserved its high quality products. Being one of the most experienced companies in industrial stone field, we well understand the requirements of our customers.

 Belhasa Industrial Stones L.L.C takes pride in the quality of our products, the services we provide, and the integrity of our customer engagements. Our state-of-the-art technology in production ensures that every product is consistently of highest standard. All our products are quality controlled and are manufactured from the top quality material. The industrial stones formula is made from the powder of the natural ones. The Industrial Stones contains different materials and pigment of high quality, approved by the biggest known international companies around the world. Many companies are manufacturing the industrial stones as it is a new product launched in the market, but some of them are concentrating on the profits and not on the quality. Our commitment is to provide the most practical, strong and long lasting products.



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