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The Allegiance International Legal and Business Consultancy Group aims to be the complete business solution provider. Linking the legal and business consultancy companies within the Group, we endeavor to provide a full range of services for our customers and clients.

Our Managing partner is an experienced litigator, and corporate attorney in the UAE, with over 13 years’ experience in legal matters. He is well equipped to handle all aspects of UAE, Dubai and GCC matters, and he has mastery of English, Arabic and French in his skill set which allows him to offer expert guidance in Arabic language matters, interpretation and translation as well.


Our Junior Partner is a licensed Attorney in the State of Pennsylvania, USA, and has practice experience in the USA, Europe, Dubai, and Bahrain. He has worked as corporate counsel for Americas, Europe and the Middle East at one of the largest freight forwarding companies in the world, and also has experience in public interest organizations in the US for civil and immigration matters.


Our expertise is in International Law, Corporate matters, Contracts, Civil Law, Logistics, Real Estate, as well as other significant areas such as Labor and Human Resources Law. Our lawyers have practice experience in the GCC, North Africa, Europe, Turkey, India, The United States and Canada.

One major advantage that we provide is that our team, particularly our Senior and Junior Partner, possess qualifications in both economics and law. As a result, we are especially geared towards providing the best corporate and commercial solutions to all our clients.

This includes corporate services and legal services, to fulfill every corporate need for our clients, including the management of their financial transactions, corporate compliance, as well as document drafting, document review, incorporation and formation management, and dispute resolution matters.

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