Al Sahoo Trading Co (L.L.C)

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Al Sahoo Trading Co (L.L.C) Dubai
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Deira, Salahuddin Rd, Nr Caterpiller Bldg


AL SAHOO Sanitary Ware Co. has been in existence in the Sanitary Ware business since the mid 1950's, a pioneer in fact, founded by SAHOO ALI AL SAHOO, having their first business established in Kuwait. With sheer determination and dedication coupled with aim of satisfying their clients with best products and excellent services, AL SAHOO Sanitary Ware Co. had grown to be one of the biggest distributors of internationally known brands of sanitary ware and accessories. In the early 1970's expanding to relative components in sanitary ware needs, the company ventured on plumbing accessories bringing to existence the internationally renowned in brand in Polypropylene pipes & fittings which are technically joint by fusion. After this successful step, AL SAHOO Sanitary Ware Co. widened its product range with having the sole agency of the Italian Polypropylene drainage system, MARTONI. Besides these brands, AL SAHOO Sanitary Ware Co. has the sole agency of one of the top bathroom manufacturers in the world, HCG -HOCHENG CORPORATION. Recently and accordance with market needs and technology, the company added to its unique collection ezinc solar water heating systems, introducing a new product with great advantages to the Saudi market.Now, after five decades of excellent and continued services keeping intact a good reputation from customers and the business world, AL SAHOO Sanitary Ware Co. has grown to be one of the biggest in Gulf States with branches in Riyadh, Dammam, Khobar, Jeddah, Buraidah, Kuwait and UAE.



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