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We at Al Nabooda Insurance Brokers, from our humble beginnings in 2007, have dedicated ourselves to providing comprehensive, tailor-made insurance solutions in Dubai, UAE. If you are an individual looking out for a car insurance policy or a corporate decision maker on the lookout for a group medical insurance plan, we have the expertise to guide you through your decision-making process, by providing you with the right information, to help you make an educated choice. As professional Insurance Brokers, we believe in making your Insurance experience as hassle-free, enjoyable, and refreshing as possible. We believe in honest and transparent transactions and in representing our clients , to the best of our abilities. As a trusted and confidently recommended Insurance broker in Dubai, we set high benchmarks to make sure that we are there by your side assisting you ably during an insurance claim.

What we do?
We simplify and according to our customers, we are good at it. Why? We've got an immensely talented and well qualified team of insurance professionals. We make our clients clearly understand what they are paying money for and buying. We source suitable solutions, comparison, contrast, and recommend. We disentangle the jargon. An ANIB insurance experience is not only about providing a customized solution but is also about assisting our clients during the time of an insurance claim. By dealing with sensible and practical world class insurance providers, we are able to represent our clients efficiently, ethically and faultlessly.
- Individual Solutions
- Corporate Solutions
- Service Providers
- Quality Standards
- Clientele

Individual Insurance Solutions:
Here at ANIB, we believe that people should protect themselves from unforeseen harm and injury. We offer a wide range of policies and insurance products that can be tailored in accordance with the client's individual needs and requirements.
1. Car Insurance
2. Medical Insurance
3. Home Insurance
4. Travel Insurance
5. Life Insurance

Corporate Solutions:
Businesses are susceptible to all kinds of risks and damages, and so are the employees. ANIB provides customized corporate insurance solutions designed to help mitigate any business risk and protect your investments from unexpected hazards. The corporate solutions that we provide are:
1. Group Medical Insurance
2. Professional Indemnity
3. Group Life Insurance

Industry Solutions:
ANIB understands that each industry faces unique challenges and risks, and they need a sector-specific policy that will address their particular concerns. Our industry insurance solutions offer coverage to help these sectors manage business risks, while also providing intelligent and customized solutions that would best fit their needs.
1. Hospitality
2. Manufacturing
3. Automobile
4. Corporate offices

We partner with the best to provide you with the best! May it be insuring your Life, Car, Home, Yacht or any industrial/commercial insurance risks, we have the best companies in the region and a host of suitable products. As a special class Insurance Broker, we also wish to add some excitement to your Insurance experience, which is often labeled boring, making you reach out to us, enjoy and remember our relationship! We want you to feel at home!
At ANIB, we adhere to the quality standards of the industry and comply with DHA regulatory requirements. For any complaints or feedback on health insurance or other, kindly call us/write to us.



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