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Al Mesk Al Arabi perfumes is synonymous with the most excellent perfumery Product created in the region. Aptly meaning the most beautiful in Arabic. Al Mesk Al Arabi Spreads sheer joy and inspiration to every life it touches, the way only true beauty does. Its Extensive range of exotic beauty and lifestyle products, vows to astound the most distinct and discerning of tastes.

We are a long established wholesaler of Arabic dhukhoon and perfumes.

Specifications exquisite Bakhoor Arabian fragrance makes any occasion special and adds a touch of class. Bakhoor is a special blend of fragrance that create a unique fragrance to fill you house with an exquisite and long lasting smell that is sure to impress.

The tradition of Bakhoor has been around for centuries and this once rare Eastern and Arabic treat is now available to everyone. Bakhoor is made mainly of natural traditional ingredients and every maker has its secret recipe that distinguishes her/him From other . We carefully select the best on the market and ship on retails and wholesale basis.

A customer oriented organisation, Al Mesk Al Arabi offers impartial advice, great prices with attractive offers and the most comprehensive selection to see their customers 100% satisfied.

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