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Last updated: 28 Jan 2020
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Al Khawaneej Tyres Co. LLC, Sharjah, UAE is an Limited Liability Company registered with the Economic Development Department, Government of Sharjah, UAE Vide Trade License No: 112029. The original License has been granted on the 05th March 1989. The registered address of the establishment is Post Box No: 7234, Sharjah, UAE. The company has branches in Dubai, Sharjah Al Ain & Abu Dhabi . The Company is engaged in the business of Trading of Tyres and wheels and also providing related service in connection with those sales.
Business Strategy:
Al Khawaneej Tyres is one of the largest trading of tyres in the UAE and one of the leading exporters of tyres and Car Wheel Rings to the GCC from UAE. The company deals in competitively priced, high-quality and famous brand tyres from all across the world. As we are designing our own and unique car wheel Rim and manufacturing them in china which helped the company meet the varying requirements of its clients by offering them the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of rims for there cars to suit their individual needs and budgets.
Target Markets and Key Existing Customers:
The company stocks tyres for all small, family, sport, and 4 wheel cars. in 3 in more than 500 sqm. Located in Sharjah and Dubai, the company has been at the forefront of exporting many kinds of tyres to Middle East and GCC countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordon, Lebanon, Syria, and some African countries - to name a few.
Ever since its establishment, Al Khawaneej Tyres has evolved into a major distributor of tyres because of its excellent warehousing and distribution facilities. From its office in Sharjah Industrial Area and Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, the company is able to affect prompt deliveries to all the clients at a short notice. Complimenting its strategic location Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and newly in Al Ain is a team of experienced, multi-national workforce.
The company maintains a large stock of tyres and Rims at all times which are ready for shipment to any part of the world at short notice. In order to service its clients, As we also have full car service in our Sheikh Zayed Rd. in Dubai and Al Ain showroom.
Al Khawaneej Tyres Rims are well known in UAE, GCC countries and the company is now on the lookout to further diversify its customer base in Africa and Europe by appointing agents and distributors in African countries .


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