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Afridi & Angell is a leading, full-service business law firm in the United Arab Emirates (the 'UAE'). The firm, one of the oldest in the UAE, was established in 1975, not long after the formation of the UAE in 1971.

Our history and reputation for quality legal work has made the firm an integral part of the country's legal landscape and one of the premier law firms in the region. The quality and high standards of the firm are set and preserved by the partners who have many years of experience in the UAE. Our lawyers are trained in international jurisdictions and bring with them international experience and the world's business languages.
We advise local, regional and international clients on a wide range of transactions and legal issues. Our commitment to practical and solution-based advice is valued and recognised by clients.
Our goal is to be the law firm of choice for transactions in the Arabian Gulf States.

'Afridi & Angell's advice is always pragmatic, useful and practical; some other firms may know the theory, but do not understand how local practice may affect legal matters.'



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