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PROFILE OF Clearing & Forwarding

Clearing & Forwarding

A company dealing with clearing and forwarding operations within a limited area that constitutes a region, a state or a country acts as an intermediary between the cargo company as well as its destination. The services offered by such companies are diverse with thousands of agents striving to make the process of transporting goods from a cargo vehicle to its final destination easier.

The term C & F agents are not always interchangeable with a freight forwarding agent either although many individuals perceive them to be one and the same. The company that deals with clearance predominantly is expected to handle the documentation and entire paper work on behalf of the clients. Submitting the required documents to the customs officials and arranging for inspections as and when required happens to be a part of their responsibilities as well. Calculation of taxes and applicable duties is a major part of the service as well although a clearance agent is not qualified to ask for a ‘bill of lading’ unless registered as a freight forwarder as well.

Workings of a clearing and forwarding company

Most of the companies operating in this sector do not have the required infrastructure to handle all the services required of a C&F professional. They either deal with land freight or sea freight by working from their offices located inside or in the vicinity of a port. Dealing with the logistics of air freight is a much more complicated procedure and requires specialized skills making very few companies encompass all the three sections in their range of services.

Customs clearance

Fulfilling all land freight services need an extensive network of agents and subsidiaries for handling the entire logistics pertaining to transportation by land. The service includes both domestic and international transportation in Asia and the Middle East with effective packaging, cargo loading and unloading services being included in it as well. Customs clearance is yet another complexity that is handled to perfection by the skilled agents who prepare the paper work in accordance with the regulations of the concerned country thereby minimizing the delay.

Ship cargo

Moving cargo via ships in between countries and continents has alone been accepted as the most convenient form of bulk transportation. It is definitely more cost effective than moving cargo by air. A C&F company oversees the entire process of transportation of the cargo and interacts with the port authorities and negotiates on behalf of the client. In short, the freight forwarding agent happens to be the key personnel for liaising, tracking the shipments and obtaining custom clearances. Documentation for import and export is also one of the most important services offered by the clearing company.

Hub for freight forwarding services

Not surprisingly, Dubai & Jebel Ali have emerged as a hub for sea and air freight forwarding services today with more than a hundred logistics and C & F enterprises operating in the area. Most companies also have provisions for urgent transportation of goods by air offered at competitive rates to and fro all major International airports. The companies have a number of agents stationed at various points during the transit and ensure full compliance with the air regulations and hassle free custom clearance. At, you can find top clearing & forwarding companies in Dubai, UAE.