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PROFILE OF Cement Manufacturing

Cement is a binder, a material used in the construction industry for binding other materials together. It comes in the form o a fine powder that sets shortly after mixing it with water and hardens afterwards into a hard, solid and strong material. Cement is mostly used for binding fine sand and different aggregates, for creating concrete. Cement manufacturers offer many varieties, depending on the strength they provide, from ordinary, to high and very high strength ones. There are also some types of special cements available, such as sulphate resisting cement, low heat cement and calcium aluminate cement, among others.

Normally, cement is produced by cement manufacturers in a two step process that implies producing clinker from raw materials, such as limestone, shells, chalk and marl, combined with shale, clay, slate, blast furnace slag, silica sand and iron ore, and then using the clinker to produce the final product. The production of clinker can be done through a dry, semi-dry, semi-wet or wet process, depending on the state of the raw materials. The second step of the process is handled by cement manufacturers in a grinding mill, which can either be located in the same location as the grinding mill, or in a separate different location. After the production process is finalized, cement manufacturers store the final product in silos, before dispatching it either in bulk or packaging it in bags that can contain different quantities of the material.

Cement manufacturers in Dubai provide the best solutions for obtaining high quality concrete for any type of construction projects, including residential and non-residential ones, as well as different kinds of civil engineering projects. The product offer of cement manufacturers includes various options for specific applications, such as ordinary cement, oil well cement, high sulphate resisting cement and moderate sulphate resisting cement.