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Metals which do not contain iron are called non-ferrous metals. This group includes about 70 items, from the most common metal that is called aluminum to artificial elements such as plutonium, which are never found in nature. The non ferrous metal products industry is growing because these products are used mainly in construction. There are, for example, cities like Dubai where many constructions are built every year.

In Dubai, the non ferrous metal products are chosen because they come with a large number of properties. For example, most metals are good conductive of heat and electricity, but they come with the big disadvantage that they corrode quickly.

But the people from Dubai basic non ferrous metal products trading claim that there are a lot of possibilities of using these materials. Some of the well-known non ferrous metals are: cooper, aluminium, zinc and lead.

The copper, which has a purity of more than 99%, is usually used for the manufacture of gas and water pipes, or even for utensils and decorative objects. Because the copper is such a good conductor of heat, it is also used for boilers and other devices industry that involves the heat transfer.

The aluminium, although it is the most common metal in the earth's crust, the most of it can not be extracted by using an economical method. However, the experts in the field of non ferrous metal products say that it is the material of the future because more than 1/8 of the bark of the Earth contains combinations of aluminium.

The zinc is also a well-known non ferrous metal product. It is used to cover iron and steel against rust. Also from zinc are made small parts of cars and even toys. Another non ferrous metal is called lead. The lead was known by the ancient Egyptians, but the early adopters of this metal were the Romans, who used it to build water pipes. The lead is especially used for the cars batteries manufacturing and it is also useful in the chemical industry because of its resistance to sulfuric acid.

It is also important to know that the non ferrous metallurgy deals with the extraction of diamonds too. Diamonds are not just a girl best friend, but they are also unique due to their characteristics. To calculate the diamonds value, the experts refer to what they call "The 4 Cs" - color, clarity, cut and carat.