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The studies have shown that people's mood depends on their physical state and vice versa. Thus, when people are depressed or sad, they cannot feel good, not even when it comes to the physically state. Also, when people suffer from any kind of pain, they cannot feel comfortable and prefer to spend their time in bed. But there is a solution. And the solution is appealing to the ayurvedic center.

Ayurveda medicine is an interesting complex system which has historical roots in India. The ayurvedic clinics offer wellness and medical services counting on the balance that should exist between body, soul, spirit and the surrounding world.

And it is said that the ayurveda science divides people based on the dominance of three inner strengths: the “Vata” – which refers to motion- to breathe, to send and receive nerve impulses from the brain, “Pitta” – which means metabolism - to process food, air and water from the system and facilitate adequate intellectual functioning and “Kapha” – which means structure - to keep cells together and to form muscles, fat, bones and tendons. So it can be said that according to ayurveda medicine, there are “vata people” (who are usually skinny, moody, optimistic and energetic), “pitta people” (who are usually medium sized, innovative, sociable, good organizer) and “kapha people” (who are persons with a solid and strong constitution, loyal, tolerant and affectionate).

In the ayurvedic centers, the problems such as indigestion, headaches, weight fluctuations based on stress, anxiety can be solved, but only by using some therapy sessions. Many ayurvedic clinics can be found in Dubai. People who live in this city and those who come for visiting it, prefer to spend some of their free time in such clinics, in order to recover their energy. The clients of the luxurious Dubai hotels are advised to go to ayurvedic clinics in order to find solutions for some medical issues, but also for finding their interior peace.

The doctors from the ayurvedic centers claim that the essential condition for a long and healthy life is to have a lifestyle and a balanced diet which is also adequate to each person individual condition. The phytotherapy is an integral part of the ayurvedic treatment and it is based on detailed monographs of plants, as well as on traditional recipes for preparing remedies which have therapeutic effects. These therapeutic remedies may include the tea made of plants such as jasmine, green tea and chamomile.