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PROFILE OF Aluminium Powder Production

Aluminum Powder Production

Aluminum powder and powdered Aluminum can be used interchangeably. However, the substance is also referred to as aluminum flakes, aluminum metal or simply aluminum. It is easily distinguishable physically because of its characteristic sliver white color and flaky composition. However, it is highly reactive and inflammable making the process of Aluminum Powder Production quite dangerous.

It was first produced way back in the 1920s by employing a stamp mill to get flakes of the metal. It was processed into finer particles with the application of a ball mill. This powder was used extensively as a pigment for coating various substances. The powder form is widely prevalent as a cosmetic color on account of its non toxic nature. It is not known to cause any harm to the skin save minor irritations and does not have any proven side effects.

Aluminum Powder Production when complete results in several forms. The industry or the manufacturer can opt for producing the granular form (akin to atomic Aluminum) or the flakey substance. There is no standard process for manufacture either. One can safely choose to follow any of the tried and tested procedures.

The most common process is quite different from the initial production process of the early twentieth century though. The element is melted in a blast furnace where the internal temperature reaches as high as 720º C - 760º C. The free flowing molten metal is then subjected to a blast of air jet causing the metal to fracture into small particles. The size of the particles can be controlled significantly by altering the nozzle size of the atomizer that is used to propel the air jet. The air pressure is also taken into account while trying to control the size of the particles.

Aluminum powder has a wide range of applications today. Manufacture of explosives along with detonators utilizes this light metal thereby making it one of the most commonly used metallic powder for the armament industry. Its flammable properties make it a mandatory ingredient for the production process of ferro alloys while special welding procedures for making rails use this powder as well. The firework industry is yet another area where it is utilized effectively with all products employing pyrotechnics are made with the aid of aluminum powder.

The other applications of the metal can be found in the paste form in the paint industry for coating several substances while its powder form can also be made use of by the automobile industry. That is not all though. The applications are diverse with aluminum powder being used to propel a rocket upwards and creating eco friendly forms of detergents and cleaning agents. The aluminum powder industry is an enormous one today with the demand for powders as well as pastes of this metal going up by leaps and bounds.

UAE has moved forward to become an International player in the world stage from a local producer of Aluminum powder. The country is all set to expand aggressively and plans to harness the power of non-oil products in order to drive its economy forward.